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Hospiten San Jose del Cabo: Medical Avant-Garde and Community Commitment in the Heart of Baja California Sur

By Tribune Travel

December 22, 2023

In the picturesque enclave of San Jose del Cabo, Hospiten stands with a resplendent reputation. Hospiten San Jose del Cabo has earned its place as the medical option of choice for the local community.


At the core of this institution is the deep-rooted commitment of the Hospiten Group, an international healthcare network with more than five decades of excellence in the provision of healthcare services.


Strategically located on Paseo de las Misiones s/n, Campo de Golf Fonatur, Hospiten San José del Cabo not only provides access to more than 10 medical specialties but is also distinguished by its comprehensive approach to private medical care and the achievement of customer satisfaction.


Hospiten San Jose del Cabo


From Anesthesiology to Urology, the breadth of its medical offerings places this hospital as the undisputed leader in first-class medical care services in the region.


In the words of Dr. Carlos Felipe Ramirez Ramos, specialist in general surgery and endoscopy, the excellence of Hospiten San Jose del Cabo is based on the quality of its services, state-of-the-art technology and, especially, the humane treatment provided to each patient.


This recognition is not only reflected in the growing trust of the local community, but also in the attraction of foreign and national patients seeking high quality medical care in this tourist destination.


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Within the medical team, Dr. Yesica Flores, a leading cardiologist, adds an essential component to the hospital’s medical offerings, further reinforcing its position as a reference in cardiology services of excellence.


Hospiten San Jose del Cabo‘s commitment goes beyond its impressive facilities, which include 11 beds, 2 operating rooms, 9 medical consultation rooms and 5 emergency rooms.


Hospiten San Jose del Cabo


It stands out for its diagnostic capacity, backed by a Computerized Axial Tomography that ensures accurate diagnoses and an effective follow-up of each case.


The presence of Dr. Alonso Escamilla, a specialist in traumatology, underscores the hospital’s versatility to provide services ranging from outpatient consultations to specialized surgeries, dealing not only with traumatic injuries, but also with scheduled orthopedic injuries.


Hospiten San Jose del Cabo stands as a beacon of health in the region, providing high quality medical services backed by a team of committed specialists. This consolidation as a reference for medical excellence and human treatment strengthens Hospiten San Jose del Cabo’s position as the best option in the market, earning the trust and preference of both locals and visitors.





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