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Hospiten tells us about smiling depression

By Tribune Travel

April 07, 2023

Hospiten group revealed that as a result of the pandemic, the number of cases of mood disorders has increased.

In this regard, medical psychologist Paula Tangarife warned that among patients suffering from depression, between 15 and 29% are diagnosed with the subtype of atypical depression commonly known as “smiling depression”.

It occurs in people who are active and seem to live a full life. The most common symptoms include

– Excessive sleepiness

– Sensitivity to rejection

– Increased appetite

– Elevated mood in response to positive events.


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The Hospiten specialist stressed that this type of depression is dangerous because it is one of the most difficult to detect. Patients tend to hide their negative emotions for fear of being judged, which leads to feelings of incomprehension, and they are also more reluctant to ask for help.

The active nature and special energy of the patients allows them to plan and carry out a suicide, unlike patients with generalized depression.

The psychologist reminds the entire population that “smiling depression” is manageable, starting with stopping the rationalization of problems and working on their acceptance and management.

She stressed that it is important to be aware of the symptoms in order to recognize the problem and make it easier to treat.

To that end, Hospiten recommends cognitive behavioral therapy as an interesting option for treating thought and behavior patterns.


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