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Reasons to spend Spring 2023 in Los Cabos

By Tribune Travel

April 06, 2023

There is no such a thing as “a bad time to come to Cabo”, but if you decide to spend some time in Spring in Los Cabos, here are a few reasons why you are making the right decision.

The nice weather

The months of Spring are ideal for traveling to Los Cabos if you want to enjoy pleasant weather. Average high temperatures typically stay in the mid-80s, so it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

The weather is mild enough to engage in fun outdoor activities like hiking and ATVing while still being warm enough to spend some time at the beaches.

The fewer crowds

Since winter is Los Cabos’ busiest season, the crowds begin to diminish by April and continue to decrease through May and June. The less crowded atmosphere not only contributes to a little more peace and quiet at the vacation spot, but it also makes it easier to enjoy activities.

During these months, there will be fewer tourists on boat tours, shorter waits at restaurants, and less crowding on the beaches.


Couple walking on the beach in Los Cabos in Spring

The more affordable cost

The price of some things should decrease during these months as well since Spring falls into the shoulder season rather than the busiest travel period. For instance, one can find nonstop roundtrip flights from Denver and New York for about $300, from Los Angeles for under $200, and from Dallas for about $270.

Additionally, some highly regarded resorts offer spring sales with high discounts.


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The higher flight availability

Since fewer people visit Los Cabos in Spring, there should also be more flight options. Some routes might only run during these months because they are seasonal, but those running all-year-round should be a little less congested, which means more availability.

There are currently more than 20 direct flights to Los Cabos International Airport from U.S. cities.


Boat operator in Los cabos in Spring

The less hotel occupancy

Travelers visiting Los Cabos in Spring should be aware of a few things because smaller crowds result in lower hotel occupancy.  Visitors will not only find lower rates because of the lower occupancy, but they will also experience a more relaxed vacation during these months, especially if they travel after the spring break crowd has dispersed.

Additionally, all-inclusive resorts’ restaurants, swimming pools, and lounges will be less crowded during this time for visitors.

The stuff to consider

Planning a trip to Los Cabos in Spring involves a few considerations, one of which is the fact that this season is not included in the whale-watching season. If this is an activity that you are particularly enthusiastic about, then Winter would be a better time to visit Los Cabos.

Also, technically speaking, the Pacific hurricane season begins in mid-May. The truth is peak season doesn’t really come until around September. Nevertheless, travel insurance may be a good idea just in case.

The good things, no matter when

No matter what time of year you visit, there is always something to do in Los Cabos because the weather is pleasant most of the time.

So, when you should go should depend on the atmosphere you are looking for and the seasonal activities you want to participate in. You will have a great time all year round!





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