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The Daily Briefing – February 20, 2023

By Tribune Travel

February 20, 2023

Puerto Vallarta News

Puerto Vallarta will receive 96 million pesos in funding, according to Secturjal

During the year 2023, the Jalisco Ministry of Tourism (Secturjal) will invest around 96 million pesos in Puerto Vallarta’s four programs: beach tourism promotion, maritime connectivity model, tourism academy, and tourist tours.

The project’s Maritime Connectivity Model of the Coast of Jalisco, for which 70 million pesos will be invested in the Boca de Tomatlán dock, will get the largest investment.

The Tourism Academy program will receive a five-million-peso investment, while the Beach Tourism Development program will receive a 16-million-peso investment. Finally, there will be a nearly five million peso investment in the Tourist Tours program.

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Richard Gere was admitted to the hospital while on vacation in Nuevo Vallarta

Richard gere and Alejandra SIlva

Due to pneumonia, the 73-year-old actor Richard Gere had to be hospitalized while on vacation in Nuevo Vallarta, but he is now healthy thanks to a stringent drug regimen.

To honor his wife Alejandra Silva’s 40th birthday, the actor traveled to Mexico’s idyllic beaches. However, the actor had been battling a persistent cough for days before his trip, which worsened. Following a medical checkup, he was found to have pneumonia, which led to his 24-hour hospital stay.

Silva, who posted a picture on his social media accounts, said that Gere, his wife, and their two kids were able to continue enjoying the weekend after the prescription had been provided.


Los Cabos News

The city of Los Cabos commemorated World Whale Day

humpback whale breaching and Los Cabos Arch

World Whale Day, observed on February 18, aimed to increase public awareness of the value of these magnificent marine mammals and the need to protect them.

During the whale-viewing season, which lasts from December to April, whale watching is a very popular activity in Los Cabos and one of the primary attractions for tourists.

In order to reproduce and give birth to their young, humpback whales travel during this time from their feeding grounds in the northern Pacific to the warmer waters of the Baja California peninsula.

The presence of whales in Los Cabos is a significant economic driver for the area, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each year.

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Mexico fights against the vaquita porpoise’s predators

marina porpoise

The Mexican government has developed a sound strategy to address marine species’ dire situation, outlining 28 primary and eight supplementary actions.

To track the actions of human predators that have led to the vaquita being listed as an endangered species, tactics include installing GPS on fishing vessels and using Secretariat of the Navy radars on a permanent basis.

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) issued a strong call for attention in November 2022, which is followed by this strategy.


Cancun News

Federal authorities shut down illegal construction at Santa Fe Beach Club in Tulum

With a search warrant in hand, authorities in Tulum have shut down an illegal construction project on Playa Santa Fe.

The National Guard provided security during the February 17th operation on the Santa Fe Beach Club property. The property, which is located in the Tulum National Park, was shut down for alleged damage to biodiversity and the environment.

The operation consisted of agents of the Federal Public Ministry (MPF), the Federal Ministerial Police (PFM), official architecture, biodiversity, photography and field criminalistics experts, as well as elements of the Quintana Roo State Police, the FGR reported in their statement.

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AVA resort Cancun Is Launching This Year

Ava Resort

A brand new massive all-inclusive resort is coming to Cancun’s hotel zone in late 2023. The new upscale resort will be called AVA Resort Cancun and will offer travelers luxurious amenities in addition to several novelties that will help the new brand to stand out among the competition.

The new resort comes at a time when travel numbers are skyrocketing as Cancun and the Mexcian Caribbean gear up for a record-breaking year for international travel.

Most of the resort’s 1,700-room resort will come with ocean views and will take advantage of the area’s stunning white-sand beaches. According to the latest estimates, AVA Cancun is slated to open sometime in late 2023.

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