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The Daily Briefing – February 28, 2023

By Tribune Travel

February 28, 2023

Puerto Vallarta News

Tourist police officers to receive English lessons

Public employees will begin receiving free English language instruction in March of this year, starting with the Tourist Police. The 50-hour course will be delivered in two weekly sessions.

All public employees who interact directly with citizens, especially foreign tourists, should receive training so they can at the very least master conversational topics.

An agreement with the Instituto de Formación para el Trabajo en Jalisco has been in place since last year and will begin with this project, though other agreements may be signed with other institutions.

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Unofficial long weekends favor tourism in the region

Poeple on the beach in Puerto Vallarta

On the last Friday of every month, when basic education schools suspend classes because of technical councils, more tourists arrive in Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding area, taking advantage of these “unofficial long weekends.”

Although Guadalajara, with its eight million residents, has the largest natural market for this location, other cities also send tourists. On these unofficial long weekends, people from Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, and Queretaro arrive; they are travelers who make the trip to the port in between four and five hours, so they can take advantage of these days off.

Beginning this year, Mexican employees will have a longer vacation period, increasing their opportunity to travel, which may have a positive impact on the tourism industry.


Los Cabos News

A security operation set up to care for more than 32,000 spring breakers

women celebrating in Los Cabos

The Los Cabos Police Department is preparing measures to prevent crime and ensure the safety of locals and the more than 32,000 university students from the neighboring country just a few days before the start of “Spring Break,” a time when young people from the United States visit the tourist destinations of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo.

The key strategy for keeping the tourist area under control will involve the participation of the different government departments.

The police department actively responds to citizen complaints, which is why it invites the general public—particularly tourism providers—to take part in the overall security of the Los Cabos municipality.

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Baja California regulates medical tourism with jail time for scammers

The Mexican state of Baja California activated a decree to punish those charlatans who pose as doctors and promote so-called “medical tourism” in a dishonest way with up to six years in jail after recording at least three deaths resulting from cosmetic procedures with medical negligence.

As a result of deaths that were reported in the first few days of February 2023 in Tijuana, Ensenada, and Mexicali due to careless procedures, the state government was alerted, and on February 23 a law was passed to punish those without medical training who engaged in it.

The term “medical tourism” refers to the international movement of people seeking out cities other than their own in order to obtain medical services, for aesthetic concerns, and to improve their general health.


Cancun News

Cancun getting ready for spring break arrivals

Passengers at the Cancun Airport

Cancun is preparing for the arrival of a large number of spring break tourists. The city government started running advertisements reminding American students to be aware of Mexican law a few days before they were anticipated to start landing.

The poster begins by saying, “Pack the fun but do not carry this stuff,” before listing items that are prohibited in Mexico. Drugs, weapons, explosives, flammable materials, and fuels are not permitted on board. Record pointed objects,” the poster instructs.

The majority of advertisements have been given to travel businesses that cater to spring breakers. Cancun is listed as the top student spring break destination for 2023 on StudentCity, a website that claims to provide the ultimate spring break experience.

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Uber might be authorized to work by the end of March

State meetings for transportation

The agreements between the State Secretary, Uber, and taxi drivers in Quintana Roo are still progressing. State officials are working to change the state mobility laws so that online services like Uber can operate in Quintana Roo, albeit slowly.

An Uber representative in Mexico claimed that the state government was willing to work on improving the safety of Uber users. By the end of the next month, they intend to have the new rules implemented.

A deal is being negotiated to ensure transportation as well as the safety of visitors and tourists as part of the agreed-upon negotiations facilitated by the State Government. Transport representatives from online platforms, taxi driver unions, and business organizations are participating.

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