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Boys on Fire

By Gary Beck

October 26, 2021

Boys on Fire is led by Sebastián Coronel from Buenos Aires, Argentina and he brings together four gorgeous Latinos who are professionally trained dancers in an all-male burlesque cabaret show. The new creation appeals to all lovers of fine singing and followers of smooth and delightfully choreographed dancing.


The wild show is emceed weekly by Roy Gómez Cruz (Freddie Mercury) or Daniel Celis (Us Two). Four dancers came out jointly each standing framed by colored light rectangular ‘windows’ and M.C. Roy, dressed formally in a suit, introduced the men and sang as he walked among them and into the front stage area. He was friendly yet professional, guiding us along this sexy display of handsome young men.


Sebastián’s chosen dancers tonight are Alberto Pérez, Santiago Espina, Moisés Ponce Galindo and Luis Ángel Abarcacipres. Various members travel the globe touring cities. Talented acrobatic men are appreciated worldwide and these men are tops in their field.


boys on fire


First, Chris López appeared as Sam Smith, his new tribute show, and sang enlightening the gathered crowd of his talented voice with songs as “Stay With Me”. The reception he received was excellent and promised more attendees for his complete show soon.


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Dressed nattily in formal black and white suits, the men danced as a group to “(Like a) River”.  The strong beat added excitement and energy to the room which seemed to be bouncing back and forth. Roy announced each man to perform his own moves. On the video screens was the man’s name and face as he showed what he could do. Wearing red and gold pants, Moises balanced on an acrobatic handstand pedestal. He breezed with legs pointing high, hands and arms angling to each side, then swirling and adjusting his poses. He showed true form of this art. “Joke’s On You” continued the great song choices for the background music as the men danced and posed. Joan Jett’s pure rock ‘n roll tune “I Love Rock ‘n Roll” was the force behind solid sexy dancing of the four plus their leader/founder Sebastián.


Each man took his turn in displaying his talents under the spotlight as M.C. Roy walked about singing in accompaniment. Blasting the roof off with “Highway To Hell”, Santiago flipped all over the stage, never missing a beat or a movement. Rehearsals and training showed that these men knew every step dancing in synch. “Slip”: “It’s gonna Slip, slip, slip through your hands” slipped and slid through the air with more fantastic dancing. Resembling a takeoff of The Village People, the men appeared throughout the evening as policemen, army men, sailors, constructors and cowboys.


boys on fire


Including one of the hottest stars of today, “Bad Guy” reverberated from Billie Eilish. Shoulders rocked back and forth to the rhythm and lyrics. Unfortunate, or possible fortunate, audience members were handpicked and placed on stage chairs where each of were entertained by a dancer, leading to a good amount of embarrassment. Music and dance continued with “Never Been So Lost” emphasizing once again how strong the song selection was accomplished for this high energy show. An excellent choice for dancing is Rag’n’Bone’s “Human”: “I’m only human after all. Don’t put your blame on me.”


During one brief break, mainly for changes of costumes, played a video of the five guys frolicking on the beach on Bahía de Banderas. More people are falling in love with Puerto Vallarta. From nowhere came Reyko’s “Set You Free” with their driving “One, two, three, four”. A most definite high point was Roy smoothly singing Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, showing his versatility beyond Freddie Mercury. Cowboys flooded the stage chanting “Fake I.D.”: “Hey, mister, won’t you sell me a fake i.d. There’s a band in the bar I’m dying to see.”


Roy brought the ensemble out for bows and applause. The audience resounded showing that they enjoyed the show immensely. Word will spread for this short run, but hopefully we can await a return.

boys on fire


More photos view on my Facebook groups below.


The Palm Cabaret

Olas Altas 508

Romantic Zone – Southside

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

22nd Season

Show information: www.ThePalmCabaret.com


322 222 0200

The box office is open from 11am-10pm.



Puerto Vallarta OldTown/SouthSide





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