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Chocolate and Mixology Festival at Café des Artistes

By Tribune Travel

July 20, 2021

During this July, Café des Artistes, located downtonw in Puerto Vallarta, has been featuring the Chocolate and Mixology Festival, an ongoing event to enjoy the delights created by chefs chocolatiers Jorge Rangel and Christian Meléndez. On the other hand, Diego González is in charge of author mixology. His creations are based on Callebaut chocolate and all-Mexican distillates.

These are Diego’s cocktails:

Cacao Ruby with vodka

Pozzolli with whiskey from Oaxaca

Rafaelo y las Cocadas with sugar cane aguardiente

Gin-Tonic Cacao with gin from Oaxaca

Negroni Chocolate with tequila

Dalgona 30 Aniversario with mezcal

Rafaelo y las Cocadas
Negroni Chocolate

And these, desserts created by Jorge and Christian

MISTICISMO DEL CACAO – Pairing with Pozolli

RUBY PICANTE – Pairing with Cacao Ruby

CAFÉ EN TEXTURAS – Pairing with Dalgona 30 aniversario

EL POSTRE QUE QUERÍA SER TACO –Pairing with Negroni Chocolate

CHOCOLATE Y XOCONOSTLE – Pairing with Gin-Tonic Cacao

UY, EL COCO! – Pairing with Rafelo y Las Cocadas

Chocolate y Xoconostle
Uy el Coco!

You can indulge in these special cocktails and desserts either at P’yote Piano Bar in Café des Artistes (no reservation required) or as the perfect complement for your dinner.





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