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Hospiten Puerto Vallarta offers posada to members of “My Health” program

By Brenda Beltrán

December 17, 2022

Members of the “My Health” program were treated to a delicious and traditional dinner at Hospiten Puerto Vallarta’s traditional posada. In addition, the origins of the posadas were explained to them, and a magician entertained the attendees, allowing them to have fun and get to know one another.

Members of this program, which is aimed at the Puerto Vallarta international community, were treated to a lavish feast that included tamales, punch, and lasagna, among other dishes.

Attendants to Hospiten My Health posada

Marcela Luengas, the coordinator of Hospiten’s “My Health” program, stated that the purpose of this celebration is to bring together those who pay this membership fee so that they can share their experiences and have a pleasant time.

One idea is to get together to close the year, especially to monitor what their impressions of the year are, and what we are missing; it is like listening to them, and they really like to meet other new members, they create a network, they pass the phones to each other before leaving, and they make their own reunions.

woman standing in front of dishes at Hospiten My Health posada

To make the evening more enjoyable, a historian discussed the origins of the posadas, what this tradition means to Mexicans, and the fun of breaking the piñatas, and they were then given a gift of candy and a small piñata sculpture.

But what exactly is the “My Health” program? Marcela Luengas tells us:

The “My Health” program costs $30 per month per person and includes several benefits. For example, if they require an ambulance, we will send one to their home at no cost; it is an intensive therapy ambulance. We send the general practitioner if necessary, and we offer discounts on laboratory tests.

Woman speaking in front of attendants of Hospiten My Health posada

There is no charge if they go to the ER; they are only charged for the consultation with specialists. She explained that “My Health” is for the foreign community and that there are promotions. If they pay for five, eight, or twelve months, they are given more months for free.

This year, more people have joined the program; there are now 75 active members, and the number is growing.

To conclude the event, a magician performed magic tricks with the attendees. Everyone had a great time, especially with the piñatas, which were a big hit.

My Health information card

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