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Kami Desilets – Madonna – Express Yourself

By Gary Beck

October 20, 2021

Puerto Vallarta’s lady has been followed all over the community. And at each stop, she has exposed her immense natural talent and sweet disposition. In this brand-new show, Kami Desilets emerges and reinvents herself in true Madonna fashion. Audiences will be delighted with this musical trip down memory lane as Kami pays tribute to the Queen of Pop.


Her shows feature live singing and the impressive professional dancers are Jesus Bastidas, Tracey Talks, Perla Castillo and Reina Elizabeth. All four of them were instrumental in making this a vibrant success. The staging was such that she sang while her foursome danced with and without each other and her, designed by creative minds. Hannah Brady was a major part of the choreography.

The evening recreates some of the most memorable music videos and television moments. Those that elevated Madonna to superstar status in the music industry. Madonna is a prolific songwriter and has produced over forty top ten hits. Her music permeates the airwaves with familiarity, joy and love. She holds the record as the world’s best-selling recording female artist of all time.


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Kami kicked off this new show, which has taken new directions, with “Bitch I’m Madonna (Who do you think you are?)”.  That set the mood and theme of the night quickly – I am Madonna! Impressive immediately was the fine skilled dancing designed no doubt by excellent choreographers. For this show, credit to Jesus and Hannah.


kami-desilets-madonna (2)


The tune “La Isla Bonita (Your Spanish Lullaby)” was apropos of this community. This beautiful island could be anywhere along the Pacific Ocean but Kami made it very special and the dancers circled her in wistful joy. In the island breeze, Samba played. “Like a Virgin” was rather controversial when Madonna released the record but that did not deter its popularity and may have actually added to the excitement. This is Madonna’s song and Kami sang it softly and urgently while standing under a screen which played scenes of white flowers made into a halo representing virginity.


With “Human Nature”, she sings “Express yourself, don’t repress yourself”, a common theme of Madonna’s writing. She states to stand up for yourself and be strong upfront. This is possibly the top production number of the night as Kami, dressed in black, hair tightly pulled back and armed with a whip, traverses the room in a dominant fashion. Each move was right-on as the whip lady ruled the room ignoring what anyone present desired.


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She swerves the mood into a love song “Cherish (the Love)” where she realized her lover was great for her. Kami was comfortable singing slow, love ballas as much as the hot, uptempo dance numbers. “Papa Don’t Preach”, she warns defiantly, “but I made up my mind, I’m keeping my baby.” The beat was emphatic as to emphasize the lyrics of self-determination and independence.


Kami sang the very beautiful love song, breaking away from the uptempo dance hits, “True Blue”: “True love. You’re the one I’m dreaming of. Your heart fits me like a glove and I’m gonna be true blue.” Enjoying one of Madonna’s greatest hits, she delivered “Material Girl”. Kami circled the walkway in front of the stage flaunting her finger baubles and demonstrating just how material she was. Posture for the cameras, she sang in “Vogue”. “Strike a pose, move to the music. You’ve got to let your body move to the music.”


kami desilets


With the show theme emblazoned on the video screens on each side of the stage, “Express Yourself”, signaled the end was approaching. She and the dancers made a show of itself with this song alone. Kami sings “Don’t go for second best, baby. Put your love to the test. Express yourself.”


In a strike of genius, Kami ended her extravaganza with the stunningly beautiful “Take a Bow” from “Evita” (no “Argentina” tonight). The song was backed by full orchestral strings in the studio. One by one, she brought her dancers out for a solo and recognition. On the screen ran their names and positions in making this show a most wonderful event. Much planning and rehearsing was evident tonight and Kami must stand tall and proud. She took a new big step in her career and succeeded.


The Palm Cabaret

Olas Altas 508

Romantic Zone – Southside

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

22nd Season

Tickets: www.ThePalmCabaret.com


322 222 0200

The box office is open from 11am-10pm.


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