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Restaurant Festival: Makal

By Gary Beck

September 20, 2021

Makal is a restaurant that seeks to honor Mexico’s culinary roots through the traditional flavors, all in a cozy, artistic space. Dishes are creative yet stay within the boundaries of Mexican flavors and textures.

466 pesos not including beverages and tips. Choice of one of each of the three courses.

Lázaro Cárdenas 311, Colonia Emiliano Zapata.

6:00 pm-12:00 am, closed Monday.

322 354 9878


The offered menu features delicious-sounding creations making the decisions of the courses difficult.

Amuse-Bouche Fruit Onion is an appetizer which “amuses the mouth”, preparing the diner for the various flavors which lie ahead. Delicate and beautiful sampling.



Ceviche de Hongos (110 g)

Portobello, baby bella, Ponzu, pepino y jitomate

Mushroom ceviche with portobello, baby bella, Ponzu, cucumber and tomato

Mushroom Ceviche was composed of minced cremini mushrooms, tomato, onion and herbs, then topped with slices of firm juicy portobellos and soy Ponzu.


Tetelas (2 piezas/pieces)

Marlín ahumado, chicharrón prensado, emulsión de escabeche y queso de rancho

Smoked marlin, chicharrón, escabeche emulsion and cheese

Oaxacan triangular empanadas were filled with Smoked Marlin and accented by a pickled emulsion and ranch cheese. The tetelas were delicate yet full of enticing seasonings marked by the chicharrón (fried pork rinds).


Taco de Pescado Baja (1 pieza/piece)

Baja fish taco with pico de gallo, red cabbage, sour cream and chile mayonnaise

Not available.



Milpa Melosa (250 g)

Zucchini, huitlacoche (corn fungus), yellow corn, dehydrated tomato, white truffle and Cotija cheese

Not ordered.


Pollito (220 g)

Green mole, mustard, potato and bacon crumb

The chef demonstrated how a boneless Chicken Breast should be prepared. The filet was golden brown with a slightly crispy crust. Inside was thick moist and tender meat tender to the fork and extremely pleasing to the tongue. The plate of the Chicken Green Mole contained a large dollop of mustard seeds, grilled shallots and a side stream of minced bacon bits.




Enmoladas de Chilorio (220 g)

Poblano mole, pickled red onion, sour cream and fresh leaves

Enmoladas Mole Poblano were shredded beef with Yucatan red sauce swimming on streams of sour cream with the essence of pickled red onion and spinach. The mole poblano originated in Puebla when nuns ground over one hundred chiles and spices, now with around seventeen varying by the house.


Enmoladas de Chilorio


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Churros Makal (2 pieces)

Sweet milk with raicilla/vanilla ice cream

Characteristic Churros were fried precisely so that the crust was crisp and golden while the interior was soft, sweet and moist. Vanilla ice cream melted around the churros serving as a terrific addition to the pastries.


Churros Makal


Pan de Elote

Corn bread with marshmallow, passion fruit gel and berries

Light Corn Bread was topped with a thick marshmallow concoction which upon arrival was flamed with a tiny torch. Passion fruit was blended into a smooth gel with fresh berries coulis garnishing alongside.


Pan de elote


Cheese Biscuit, white chocolate, orange gel and seeds

A delightful Cheese Biscuit rested upon buttery white chocolate shavings, one of the best available, accented by distinct orange purée. Subtle flavors blended marvelously.

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