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Wendy Laurier’s Heat Wave – A Tribute to Linda Ronstadt

By Gary Beck

December 08, 2021

Tonight, Wendy pays tribute to the esteemed icon Linda Ronstadt, who can no longer sing because of degenerative palsy, but her music continues now for over many decades. She was regarded as the 70’s Queen of Rock but was everybody’s sweetheart.

Wendy hails from Barrie, Ontario, Canada and adores Linda’s music as she conducts noteworthy tribute tours successfully. Other female singers influencing her include Carole King, Carly Simon, Adele, Stevie Nicks, Roberta Flack, Celine Dion and Barbra Streisand. She appeared and settled off to the side while two dancers, Sheila and Sergio, performed acro choreographed steps while she sang “Silver Threads and Golden Needles”.

Smash tune “Poor Poor Pitiful Me” maintained the high energy on stage but then Wendy slowed the mood with “Long, Long Time”, an absolutely stunning song which Wendy sent outward to appreciative ears. Her voice is strong, pure and portrays Linda Ronstadt beautifully. “When Will I Be Loved” was a question Linda asked and hoped for a future companion. Wendy exuded the lyrics with plentiful meaning and richness of her vocals.

This tribute examines Linda’s range of singing pop, rock, R&B, operetta, stage shows, country and Latin songs. She credits her mother for her appreciation of opera and her father for introducing her to the music of their land Mexico. She devoted two albums to her father “Canciones de mi Padre”. There seemed to be no limits for her.

Linda was the lead singer of a folk-rock trio, the Stone Poneys and they released their biggest claim to fame with the lovely “Different Drum”. Words include “Goodbye, I’ll be leavin’. I see no sense in this cryin’ and grievin’. We’ll both live a lot longer if you live without me.” The song stirred the followers who enjoyed Wendy’s rhythmic delivery. All the musical tracks featured the backgrounds of Linda’s recordings.

Linda Ronstadt

Honoring her Mexican heritage, Linda recorded a song she had co-written, “Lo Siento Mi Vida”, demonstrating more of her talents. Not only was the song composed very well, the lyrics were appropriate to her life growing up in her musical family. “Willin'” has always been a top pleaser from Linda and Wendy performed it with a catchiness in her voice.

Underscoring Linda’s love for show music, Wendy chose the Gershwins’ “I’ve Got a Crush on You”. Linda had performed on Broadway in “Pirates of Penzance” with Kevin Kline and surprised audiences with her ability to leave her rock background and be a star on stage singing show tunes. She is truly a multi-genre artist.

“I am lucky to be singing her music,” Wendy said and breezed into the title cut of one of Linda’s albums, “Hasten Down the Wind” and then a cut entitled “Someone to Lay Down Beside Me”: “Even though it’s not real. You just can’t ask for more.” Wendy’s career has grown with that sheer confidence oozing from these tunes. She is a total professional who deserves all the applause laid upon her. Throughout the evening, the two video screens played tapes of Linda from childhood along her path of growth and maturity. Interviews of her colleagues were interspersed. This breather also allowed time for costume changes.

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She mesmerized those people gathered with the marvelous memorable songs which Linda gave the world. Song after song showed how influential this lady was on the face of music. She discussed Linda’s ailment which took away her singing voice and revealed that she had come across the duet with Aaron Neville “Still Within the Sound of my Voice”. She asked everyone to listen to her words which seem prophetic now. Her voice remains on her recordings forever for appreciation.

Linda Ronstadt

“Hasten Down the Wind” was another LP title cut which Wendy sang rather sadly as her man is telling her to hit the road. Then, “Living in the USA” shook the room although Wendy interjected that we are in Mexico! Wendy demonstrates her ability to sing up-tempo rockers right along with slow, soft ballads. She excels in both styles. She said she loves to talk to the gathered people especially about Linda and what she has learned and wished to impart. The woman was phenomenal with her reach all across the world, touching people in particular ways.

Simple yet stylized, Wendy delivered “Blue Bayou” with the stage bathed in bright shiny blue and a lone spotlight on her. She took this gem from Roy Orbison and made it her very own with astounding vocals. The talented singer obviously loved this song with her emotions streaming from her heart. She stated that whenever she sings this tune, she wishes she was in Mexico. This song is one which Linda is most famous for in her career, she noted, along with “You’re No Good” which dazzled the listeners with her accusations against a former lover.

Her evening was complete except for a rendering of the show title “Heat Wave”. Motown magic became Linda’s hot pop song but one could hear the basic soul tones in her interpretation. The energetic aura was felt as we said goodbye for now to Wendy Laurier.


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