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Child on the Seahorse keeps riding

By Tribune Travel

October 06, 2021

It is time to highlight Puerto Vallarta’s star: “Child on the Seahorse”. Or as everyone knows it and affectionately call it, “The Seahorse”. During all these years it has created history that we want to tell you today. Since 1960, this child has lived countless adventures. It has survived storms with strong waves and monstrous winds. Nevermind, it will continue taming his beautiful sea steed for many years.


Rafael Zamarripa CastaƱeda, author of this work, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco on February 8, 1942. He never imagined that at 18 he would sculpt what has been the icon of Vallarta for several decades. Now he has a long career full of successes that make us feel lucky to have one of his works on our boardwalk.

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The original spot of the statue was “Las Pilitas” beach in 1960. Years later the current swept it during a strong storm. Then, city authorities asked to make a larger replica. The second work of 3 meters high was placed on the Malecon in 1976. Curiously, some time later the original sculpture reappeared and recovered its old place. Since then, we have two adventurous children riding their seahorse.


Child On The Seahorse On Pilitas Beach


In October 2002 Hurricane Kenna hit our city mercilessly. Large waves combined with strong winds devastated everything in its path. Several sculptures suffered serious damage. Our rider and his original horse could not be saved from being devoured by the sea. However, “Child on the Seahorse” fought against everything and our beautiful sculpture once again returned. On this occasion they placed a larger base and since then it remains at the same place, on “Las Pilitas” beach


Nowadays we are fortunate to have two beautiful examples of this sculpture. Both have been protagonists of hundreds of photographs. They have created memories of wonderful trips of tourists that Vallarta receives with love. We want it to remain that way for many more years. Our sculptures continue to convey magic and the city’s good image for the world.





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