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Los Milenios rises at the Malecon

By Tribune Travel

February 09, 2022

Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon is a place of great attractions. You can witness art and music events performed along with the magic of the best sunsets. But art is an integral part of its architecture thanks to several objects that tell stories with its presence. We are talking about the sculptures you can admire along the boardwalk. Actually, we will talk about Los Milenios.

If you want to see them all, you will take a great impression and an excellent memory of the Malecon. Let’s start by the Rosita Hotel: the first work we find is Los Milenios by Mathis Lidice. The least accessible sculpture makes its presence felt rising in a bronze spiral. You can see it at a historic site of town. It is the place where boats arrived to load and unload their cargo. Of course, we are talking of times before the 1960’s.

los milenios

The piece was set to mark a milestone, celebrating the arrival of the new millennium. It tells history in its details, starting by the sea waves representing the beginning of life. History continues with a DNA chain and the evolution of living beings. Later, it goes on with elements representing Christianism in history. The sculptor used a sun on the front and other symbols in the back. Also, he included a pair of hands in praying position.

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Then, we get to the center of the sculpture. Here we can see the warrior, Charlemagne, who was king of the Franks and founder of Europe. He represents the first millennium, violent and unstable.

The second millennium is present through the Poet King, Netzahualcoyotl. Surely, he is a symbol of universal wisdom. He holds a lithium atom in his right hand and points to a sphere with his left hand. His face features many details you can only appreciate when you are there. Unfortunately, we would be short in any description.

We then continue with Quetzalcoatl, who is one of the main deities of pre-Hispanic civilizations. The feathered serpent, symbol of wisdom, links the second millennium to the third one.

a woman trying to catch a pigeon is the representation of the last millennium. It can be interpreted as a future society trying to reach peace… or maybe a final equality between genres.





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