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Mexican Christmas Traditions in Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

December 13, 2023

Though you might not think of tropical beaches as the ideal places to spend Christmas, Puerto Vallarta’s holiday customs are joyous and joyful. The city streets are decked out for Christmas as the holiday draws near, and friends and family get together to exchange gifts and enjoy holiday fare. All that is part of Mexican Christmas traditions.

You can explore a distinct area of the city and the welcoming Mexican cultural customs that add so much charm to the Christmas and holiday season when you take a Christmas vacation in Puerto Vallarta.


Virgin of Guadalupe Processions

The festival of the patron saint of Mexico, the Virgin of Guadalupe, marks the beginning of the Christmas and holiday season. More than 400 years ago, a modest native man by the name of Juan Diego saw this vision of the Virgin Mary. Today, the first twelve days of December and the Christmas season are dedicated to honoring her.

The most significant Mexican Christmas customs take place on these winter nights in Puerto Vallarta, when churches and families gather at the local cathedral for lengthy processions that are jam-packed with music and dancing.

Street vendors will serve you hot chocolate and traditional tamales to keep you warm while you stroll around the streets and take in the festivities. One of the greatest places to spend Christmas in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, where you can take part in all the festivities.


Mexcian Christmas food


Thousands of invites to posadas will be sent out in the weeks preceding Christmas Eve in Puerto Vallarta, since Mexican Christmas customs center around family and friends. These events might be anything from intimate get-togethers among friends to elaborate business feasts.

A huge meal, gift-giving, and a reenactment of the nativity story are often included in posadas. You can go to posadas at resorts and eateries all across Puerto Vallarta if you’re spending Christmas vacation there.


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Christmas Piñatas

You can find some typical brilliantly colored piñatas, which are essential traditions in Mexican culture, at posadas or in the streets as you stroll through the town. This Christmas star symbolizes the Seven Deadly Sins, and tearing it open is a way to symbolically destroy them.

They have seven points extending from them. The piñatas are a fun element of the Christmas season for kids because of the delicious sweets within.


People singing carols

Christmas Eve Dinner

Mexican Christmas traditions center on Christmas Eve, whereas other cultures celebrate with a large holiday supper on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve in Puerto Vallarta is spent by families preparing roast meats, pozole soup, and traditional tamales all day.

Christmas Day is celebrated with many of these parties lasting until midnight, and sweets like ponche navideño and buñuelos keep everyone up. On Christmas Eve, local resorts in Puerto Vallarta will host lively celebrations for your Christmas holiday.


Dia de Reyes

In Mexico, the Christmas and holiday season lasts much beyond December 25. On January 6, people celebrate Dia de Reyes, often known as the Day of Epiphany. In remembrance of the Three Wise Men, enjoy rosca de reyes with loved ones today.

On February 2, Candlemas, the person who finds one of the buried plastic babies, which stand in for Jesus, must bring tamales for everyone. The babies are hidden within this flaky pastry. During the winter months in Puerto Vallarta, you will have the opportunity to partake in these delicious Mexican cultural customs.


Puerto Vallarta is one of the greatest places to enjoy Mexican Christmas traditions and all the festiveness of the season with the pleasant temperatures of a tropical winter, whether you’re dining on Christmas Eve or watching the Guadalupe processionals.





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