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Mountain biking, thrill and fun for everyone

By Tribune Travel

October 29, 2021

Mountain biking has become very popular in recent years. It is exciting to practice it in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings, rich in natural settings and routes. A great thing is that you can enjoy regardless of your level of expertise.


If you are considering getting started in this sport, you will surely have many questions. What is the best bike to start? What do I have to take if I go on a long route? Do I have to spend a lot of money?


The first decision is which bicycle to choose. Veteran cyclists each have their favorite brand and model. For the rookies it is better one that is not too expensive to practice (and fall) without it being too expensive. Also, learning to repair the faults which may arise. An important factor is the size of the bicycle. You have to consider not only your height, but also the length of your leg.




Something that never, but never should be missing from your team is the helmet. It does not matter if you have two months or twenty years in this sport. The special cycling helmet must always be with you, from a simple tour to the closest race.


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There are two considerations to make each time we go out on a mountain route. Should I be physically strong? And will I be able to complete the route? The answers are no and yes. Unless there are contraindications for medical reasons, there should be no problem for you to enjoy a good ride, whether it is a ride of a few kilometers in the Parque LĂ­neal or long routes like the ones we present here.


We recommend you be realistic with your limits and study the route you want to go through. This will allow you to know very beautiful places without unnecessary risks. It is better that you stay hungry for more and that you know where you are in case of an incident than to get lost in the forest and to be left without strength to return. In summary, the four important elements for a great experience in mountain biking are:

  • a bicycle with quality components adjusted to your size
  • a special helmet for mountain biking
  • a route according to your current physical condition
  • and above all, a desire to enjoy!


Soon we will be talking aboit the best mountain biking routes in Puerto Vallarta. Do not miss out!


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