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Puerto Vallarta: Much more than beaches and nightlife

By Tribune Travel

June 26, 2023

Puerto Vallarta offers much more than beautiful beaches and lively nightlife; this tourist city offers an endless number of exciting and diverse activities for all tastes; immerse yourself in a wide range of experiences that will allow you to explore and enjoy this resort located between the sea and the jungle.


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There are many opportunities in Puerto Vallarta for you and your family to learn about the many exciting activities you can take part in there. From boat rides, flyboarding, windsurfing, scuba diving, and swimming with dolphins to zip-lining through lush tropical rainforests and river rappelling, there are a variety of outdoor activities available.


Extreme activities in the area


The best options for an action-packed vacation are available in Puerto Vallarta if you enjoy intense feelings and adrenaline: Ride wild trails in all-terrain vehicles and ATVs, experience the high seas’ speed in inflatable boats, tour the Sierra Madre Occidental on horseback or by bicycle, or descend zip lines from the peaks of its hills and mountains. To see the bay from above, jump off El Jorullo, the longest vehicular suspension bridge in the world, and free fall.


Horseback Riding

Couple horseback riding on the beach

Explore the Sierra Madre on horseback, an experience not to be missed during your trip. Dedicate a day to visit the fascinating rivers and waterfalls of Puerto Vallarta or venture into the mountains and enjoy the breathtaking views.



Three people hiking in the forest

The best thing about hiking is that it lets you see more of Puerto Vallarta while spending the least amount of money possible; all you need are some comfy clothes, sunscreen, insect repellent, a bottle of water, and a snack. There are many ways for those who love the outdoors to enjoy this activity. The path to Colomitos, which crosses a mountain to reach this well-known and charming beach, the Mirador de la Cruz, and the Palo Maria River which offers irregular paths to reach the waterfall and its lagoon after a walk, are some of the most highly recommended routes.


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Person riding a zipline in the forest

The natural richness of Puerto Vallarta is fascinating and gives you the opportunity to explore the surroundings with an extra dose of adrenaline. Soar above the treetops as you travel over rugged mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Many of the tours offered by certified companies include horse or mule rides to reach the starting point of this exciting adventure.



Person rappeling along a waterfall in Puerto Vallarta

Rappel down the majestic waterfalls of Puerto Vallarta is an experience for the most daring. With the help of tour operators that guide you through the tour with the proper equipment, explore the forests of the Sierra Madre and ecoparks with diverse attractions such as crossing hanging bridges hundreds of meters high, refreshing dips in the rivers and much more.



Surfer riding the waves


The beaches in Puerto Vallarta are perfect for swimming, but if you want to practice your surfing, there are more than enough options from Yelapa, through Quimixto, to the Mismaloya area, and Marina Vallarta. These locations offer ideal temperatures for this sport because of the Pacific Ocean’s great swell.


Swimming with dolphins

Dolphins swimming along some boats

Experience one of the most incredible experiences by swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat. Puerto Vallarta is home to a large number of these magnificent animals. Learn more about their behavior, their social organization and enjoy the interaction with these charming creatures as you glide through the water holding on to their fins. In Puerto Vallarta, the welfare of the dolphins is a priority, so you can enjoy these certified activities with total safety for both you and these mammals.



Fishes in coral reefs

Puerto Vallarta offers incredible locations to explore the underwater world under professional guidance, whether you are a certified diver or a beginner. Explore shipwrecks, marine reserves, coral reefs teeming with life, and underwater caverns.

From admiring the underwater rock formations known as “Las Iglesias” in the waters off the charming town of Chimo to diving into the deepest part of the bay, more than 400 meters, at Los Arcos Marine Park and discovering its famous Devil’s Canyon while swimming with manta rays and sea turtles, to discovering the underwater spectacle offered by the shipwreck of the Princesa Vallarta close to the beaches of Mismaloya.


Jet Skis

Man jet skiing on the ocean

Jet skis are pure entertainment, and Puerto Vallarta offers a wide range of opportunities to cruise the waters while taking in the breathtaking scenery.

Riding a jet ski offers a multi-sensory experience in addition to the adventure. This water sport is risk-free and doesn’t call for highly technical abilities. The scooter can be used to navigate even on rough seas by simply submerging it. Jet skis are stable, which makes them simple to control and enables you to easily cross waves.


These are just a sample of what Jalisco’s tourist destination has to offer the millions of visitors who return year after year to the city for a few days of relaxation.


With reporting by Adolfo Torres from Tribuna de la Bahía.





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