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Valentine's Day in Vallarta

By Paco Morás

February 11, 2022

Valentine's Day in Vallarta is coming and the exciting preparations start to celebrate a date honoring love and friendship. This celebration provides joy for all February. But, do you have plans with your partner, friends or family? Today we bring to you those places in Puerto Vallarta overflowing with pure romanticism.
  1. A walk by the Malecón

Nature always gifts us with magical sunsets. There is no way to express what the combination of colors between the sun and the sky contrasting with the sea blue makes us feel. What a better environment inspiring warmth and love to be with that special person. Or, if you prefer, take some magnificent pictures with the sunset in the back to commemorate a good friendship. valentine's-day-vallarta
  1. Fall in love with night life

Maybe you will spend this February as a single. Then, you have the option to go out and celebrate in the best night clubs. Surely you will have a blast with friends to the beat of music! Vallarta is famous for its night life and you can make it your companion on Valentine's Day. You will have great memories!
  1. The love cruise

Year after year, we host a large number of tourists through the cruise boats arriving at our bay. However, there are also small boats or yachts available for locals to visit the marvelous beaches we have around. One of the most sought after is "Rhythms of the Night." We are sure you will enjoy coming out of the routine. Pamper yourself with a tour.
  1. A delicious taste

Romantic dinners are up 365 days a year. So, they can't be missed on Valentine's Day. There is nothing better than having a starry night, waves breaking on the rocks as a soundtrack, flickering candle lights and the great pier. All in all, harmony creates an unforgettable night.  Another good option are the romantic dinners along the Cuale River. There, you will find a wide variety of restaurants. of course, atmosphere does change a bit. But we assure you that cool breeze and birds' songs will create an aura of romanticism for your special night. You may also like: 3 spots off the beaten path near Vallarta
  1. You + me + a picnic = the ideal Valentine's Day date

If you like to take care of the minimal details, you can organize a picnic in one of the beautiful beaches of our bay. Remember, you just need a small cloth, a basket with some cheese and ham, dressings and some dessert accompanied by a good bottle of wine or a refreshing beverage to enjoy a feat with the person you love the most. But remember to carry your garbage at the end so that our ocean keeps clean and beautiful to enjoy it every day.
valentine's-day-vallarta Photo: Courtesy of Charcuteria NV
  1. Date with adventure

You are a free and adventurous soul. Gather your friends and find a tour package. Enjoy the adrenaline of zip lining in the jungle. Or maybe ride an ATV or practice some other extreme sport. Vallarta features plenty, it will be an experience to thrill your heart.
  1. Pamper yourself!

Finally, we want you to have the best detail with the most important person in your life: yourself! Take out the stress, go to some of the wonderful spas in town, enjoy a delicious massage or repairing treatment to renovate those energies and have a fresh look. After chilling out and take some me time, you will be more motivated to go out and find your better half.





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