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Emiliano Zapata Market, a place for all

By Tribune Travel

September 22, 2021

On this occasion, we are going to the Emiliano Zapata Market. It is located at the namesaked Colonia on Camichin y Lázaro Cárdenas Streets in Puerto Vallarta. From here, you can admire the Sierra Madre mountains and gaze at the tower of La Cruz Church. This traditional market has been operating since 1973 . Although the hours can vary, you will usually find it open every day from 6 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

Here you will find a variety of joyful, lively colors which whet your appetite just by seeing them. It is so beautiful to see the mixture of the red tomatoes outstanding next to the green chilies. How satisfactory it is to know that you can pick the best of the best to prepare that sauce which will help you be a hit at lunch time. Rumor has it that if you become friends with the butchers you have the privilege to choose the best meat and even take a little extra. Don’t be fooled by appearances, behind those big knives are some happy and lively dudes who take care of you merrily and warmly.

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emiliano zapata market

But before lunch is the most important meal of the day, the one that gives us energy to lick off our mornings with the right attitude. There is an area within the market with an array of breakfasts to choose from.it will be hard to decide between good chilaquiles served with beans, cheese and cream, or why not?, maybe some chiles rellenos drenched in tomato juice and warm tortillas.

Would you like to know where these tortillas come from? In the very same market you can find the tortilla makers. Take a deep breath and let the exquisite aroma fill you in. Let’s not forget the great variety of eggs, cooked at your favorite style. Mexican? With ham or chorizo? Scrambled or fried, anyway you like them, you can have them.

As for the beverages, have no worries and rest assured they are freshly squeezed. Which one would you like? Orange? Or grapefruit, maybe? I know! Carrot juice for sure! To not miss any one, ask for a healthy mix with plenty of vitamins. Or are you the kind of person who needs coffee to start your mornings? As for the young ones, pamper them with a large milkshake. You will leave the Emiliano Zapata Market with your heart full and satisfied.





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