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Yesenia Correa, a painter of emotions

By Tribune Travel

June 30, 2022

Yesenia Correa was born in Medellin, Colombia. From a very young age she showed great ability for drawing. Her first techniques were charcoal and watercolor. Despite being approved to study in Fine Arts in the city of Medellín, she was unable to have formal art studies due to lack of financial resources, which makes her a self-taught artist. When she discovered oil, she made her first formal work, a nude in 1999. At that time, painting was more of a hobby, making portraits and some exhibitions in Colombia.

yesenia correa nude

In 2019 she arrived in Mexico with her husband and thanks to the pandemic she was able to devote herself entirely to painting. Since then, she has made more than one hundred works and several exhibitions in different parts of Puerto Vallarta. She currently has an invitation for an exhibition in France in April 2023.

Her creative process

About her creative process, Yesenia tells us that all her works are based on photographs. The key for her to decide to paint one is the emotions it sparks in her.

Yesenia defines herself as a completely emotional artist. “All these works have passed through me. If they move me and shake me, that is the work I want to paint. When people see my work, I realize that they also vibrate the same way I did when I painted it”.

Conveying those emotions is the most important thing for the artist. What she leaves depicted in each of her works, she feels as part of her. When someone takes home a painting of hers, they take more than that, they take a work that identifies with its owner, with what he is, what he feels, because of his memories, his past, or his history.

yesenia correa paint

The type of scenes that Yesenia shows are out of the ordinary. In her work you will not find still life or decorative art. She doesn’t paint anything without a soul.

“If a photograph doesn’t spawn what I am internally, I don’t paint it. The work has to speak for itself without me having to explain it”

What’s next for Yesenia Correa?

Doors open surprisingly for Yesenia every day. Thus, she prefers not to make predictions about where her work and her life will go. Rather, she prefers to be surprised by the fruits her work brings about. For now, the girl who used to draw at school in Medellin is now in the Mexican Pacific. And next April, in Paris.

yesenia correa paint


You can reach Yesenia Correa at:

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Yesenia-Correa-Pintora-627548351225474

Instagram: Yeseniagcorrea1

E-mail: yeseniagcorrea@hotmail.com

Web: www.yeseniacorreapintora.com

WhatsApp: https://wa.me/message/FQ6XHV5FNQ6TM1

Phone: 322 370 0289





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