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Where to run in Puerto Vallarta 

By Iván Ángeles

December 15, 2021

If you live or vacation on the beach, you can have many perks. One of them is to practice your sports disciplines at sea level. For instance, running. But the question is, where can I run in Puerto Vallarta safely?  

Based on my experience, I’ve listed a few of the best places to run in Puerto Vallarta below. 

 If you live or stay in Puerto Vallarta and your passion is high-speed racing on the track, the Agustín Flores Sports Complex is the best place. It is located across from the Sheraton Hotel. 

It has a racetrack with distances marked in meters on the surface. 

Making speed and repetition workouts is a good option because it keeps you from running into traffic problems. 

Now, if you enjoy running on the streets, Marina Vallarta’s are among the safest and most appropriate. 

Running along its major streets will get you an average distance of 5 kilometers. 

You will also find beautiful houses and hotels. Also, other runners who take advantage of this beautiful neighborhood to do sports. 

If you want to run while watching the sea, there is no better place to do so than along Puerto Vallarta’s Malecon. 

The sea breeze and wind, the well-kept streets, the sculpturesand colorful stores, and, of course, listening to the waves crashing on the sand will make this route one of the most enjoyable in your workouts. 

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 You can run about 5 kilometers round trip from the spot where the Malecon begins at the Hotel Rosita to the new lighthouse on Los Muertos beach. It has a small bridge over the Cuale River that you can use for elevation resistance. 

run in Puerto Vallarta
Racetrack at the Agustin Flores Contreras Sports Complex (Courtesy)

If you want to get more mileage, I recommend starting inside Marina Vallarta’s main avenues. Then take the main avenue of Francisco Medina towards the Malecon. (I suggest running on the sidewalk of the north-south lane, because there are several stretches of street without sidewalks on the south-north side). run all the way to and along the Malecon. Finally, run back to  Marina Vallarta. This route will cover more than 20 kilometers, all of which will be done safely. 

Although motorists in Vallarta and Banderas Bay are generally courteous to pedestrians, you should always run with caution. 

 Remember to hydrate yourself before, during, and after your runs, just as you would in any other location where you practice this sport. The heat of Vallarta will cause you to sweat more than in places colder or higher above sea level than the beach. 

 And if your passion is running marathons or official races, I recommend the next Puerto Vallarta Marathon, where you can run a marathon, half marathon or recreational 5 kilometer race.   

 If you want to register, visit the following link: https://maratonpuertovallarta.com/inscripciones-maraton/  

The starting shot is next Sunday April 3, 2022. Save the date and start training now!  

I hope these tips will be useful for your workouts. And very soon you will be able to read me with the version for the Banderas Bay area.  

Happy miles! 







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