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The Daily Briefing – March 3, 2023

By Tribune Travel

March 03, 2023

Puerto Vallarta News

Puerto Vallarta receiving more “demanding” tourists

The increase in hotel rates due to inflation and other taxes means that tourists are increasingly demanding in the quality of the hotel services they request, which should encourage the sector to continue offering novelties and excellent service, said Jorge del Castillo, Expedia’s area manager for the Pacific.

The executive of the wholesale agency with a worldwide presence considered that inflation is not a factor that inhibits travel.

Regarding the tourism results for the first two months of the year, he reported that they have been very solid and are advancing at the pace of a new record; he noted that tourism growth has been over 20 percent in sales which opens positive expectations for the next six months.

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Puerto Vallarta brand reinforced in Colombia

Puerto Vallarta tourism trust officials in Colombia

Luis Villaseñor Nolasco, director of the Puerto Vallarta Tourism Trust, informed that the participation of this city in the International Tourism Showcase Fair of the Colombian Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies ANATO 2023, which took place at the end of February in Bogota, was successful since the destination brand continued to be reinforced with this important market. Also, they reviewed the possibility of recovering the direct flight that Copa Airlines used to have from Panama.

Colombia is the fourth country sending the largest number of tourists to Mexico, therefore Puerto Vallarta, being one of the most important sun and beach destinations in the country, offers Colombian tourists a wide range of tourist, gastronomic, cultural and entertainment options.



Los Cabos News

Spring breakers expected to bring 20 million dollars in revenue to Los Cabos

spring breakers girls in Los Cabos

This Sunday, the first young people from the United States begin to arrive in Los Cabos. It is estimated that for the 2023 edition, around 40 thousand college students (spring breakers) will arrive, leaving an income of more than 20 million dollars (MDD) during the five weeks that the so-called spring break lasts, according to data presented by the Los Cabos Hotel Association.

Lilzi Orcí Fregoso, representative of the hotel sector in the destination, pointed out that in previous years with the pandemic, only about 11 thousand students arrived in Los Cabos, however, the services offered, and above all the security have turned Los Cabos into a favorite destination for young foreigners, which is why this year the number of tourists will increase.

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Tourist arrivals to Baja California Sur grew by 34% in January

older tourists in Los Cabos

The Undersecretary of Tourism in Baja California Sur, Fernando Ojeda Aguilar, informed that during the month of January 2023, the arrival of tourists by air increased by 34% compared to the same period of the previous year. The official highlighted that tourism growth has been visible in the different destinations of the mid-peninsula.

Ojeda Aguilar pointed out that sporting events have played a fundamental role in the arrival of tourists and the reservation of hotel rooms. He recalled that with L’Etape La Paz By Tour de France alone, an economic revenue of more than 50 million pesos was registered. For this weekend, the AsTri La Paz 2023 Triathlon is also expected to attract a significant number of visitors.



Cancun News

World’s second-largest blue hole discovered in Chetumal

Taam Ja blue hole in Chetumal

Scientists from El Colegio de la Frontera Sur and the Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologa made the discovery in 2021, but it was not reported in the media until now.

The blue hole was located on the seabed of the Bay of Chetumal and has been reported to be 274 meters deep across a surface area of 13,690 square meters. The hole has been named Taam Ja’ which means “deep water” in Mayan.

The deepest blue hole in the world is reported in Sansha Yongle, China, with a depth of 300 meters below sea level. While the Chetumal blue hole is the second deepest, it is the first to be identified within an estuarine system.

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Tulum to get a sargassum disposal facility and sea walls

Tulum beach with sargassum

Sargassum from the municipality is to be disposed of at a location designated by Zofemat of Tulum. Tulum has also had to deal with it earlier than usual due to the brown seaweed’s early arrival on the majority of the state’s beaches.

Before the start of a “very strong sargassum season,” according to city officials, the municipality has selected a disposal location where the beach seaweed will be moved. He did not specify the location of that site.

The Navy will install an anti-sargassum network off the coast of the National Park area toward the end of April to safeguard its public beaches.


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