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The Daily Briefing – March 6, 2023

By Tribune Travel

March 06, 2023

Puerto Vallarta News

Visitors prefer Puerto Vallarta’s authenticity

According to travel agent Amaury Gómez, a representative of the agency El Corté Inglés, Puerto Vallarta benefits the most from being an authentic location rather than a replica of other beach resorts when competing for tourists with other domestic and international options.

In his own words:

“Puerto Vallarta is an authentic, safe, and diverse destination, where a wide variety of hotel options and tourist attractions can be enjoyed, giving it great competitive advantages.”

“Tourism is a strategic activity for this region, and the friendliness toward visitors is, along with the authenticity of this land, what tourists most appreciate. They must maintain and reinforce it to continue being leaders in this area.”

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 Nearly 8 million pesos to go to cultural events in 2023

The Vallarta Institute of Culture will host and support more than 20 events in 2023, including Dama Juana, Art Day, the Anniversary of Puerto Vallarta, the Grito de Independencia, the Festival of the Dead, the Christmas Festival, and cultural caravans, among others. The estimated cost of these events is seven to eight million pesos.

For this year, the work plan has already been presented and accepted. Four axes—Culture for All, Artistic Promotion, Cultural and Artistic Education, and Cultural Caravans—will serve as tools to organize it.

The City Hall will host an exhibition in April honoring the Day of Art, along with events honoring Children’s Day and several local artists. In May, they will commemorate the anniversary of Vallarta painter Manuel Lepe and support Vallarta Pride.



Los Cabos News

Los Cabos adding lifeguards ahead of the spring season to keep tourists safe

tourists and boats at El Medano beach

At least 20 new lifeguards are expected to protect tourists this spring, according to local authorities in Los Cabos.

These 20 new recruits have completed all the required training to become certified as lifeguards and protect beachgoers in Cabo. Through the entire spring vacation season, Los Cabos is anticipating at least 50,000 visitors.

It was crucial for the authorities to integrate these new recruits because peak season is quickly approaching.

With these 20 new hires, they now have at least one more lifeguard to add to the rotation on nearly all 22 of the beaches in Los Cabos that they are responsible for. Local authorities are aware that this department is understaffed at many of the popular Cabo beaches.

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$20 million projected revenue for Spring Break in Los Cabos

Los Cabos hotels guarantee the safety of spring breakers during their stay in this tourist destination, in addition to the fact that, despite the fact that these are young people who travel to enjoy their vacations here during the month of March, they are a little quieter, said Lilzy Orci Fregoso.

According to the executive president of the Los Cabos Hotel Association, there are packages available for spring breakers that start at $1,700 and include lodging and some food, plus the additional young people spend an additional $100 to $150 per day, for a total of about $20 million over the course of five weeks.

She also noted that the young people who travel to this location have a greater purchasing power and exhibit calmer behavior.

Cancun News

New Toronto – Cancun route starts operating three times a week


Over the past few years, Cancun’s popularity has been steadily increasing. The popularity of the city has increased particularly among visitors from the US and Canada, which has resulted in the creation of new routes connecting these two nations with Cancun International Airport. The most recent addition for Canadian tourists is a three-times-weekly Canada Jetlines route between Toronto and Cancun.

The first flight on the new Canada Jetlines route took place on Friday, March 3, despite the announcement being made last month. Through May, the airline will operate three weekly flights along the route on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. From June onward, there willbe two weekly flights available, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, until October, when the three weekly flight schedule starts back up before the busy winter season.

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Two additional blue holes discovered in Chetumal Bay

Researchers at El Colegio de la Frontera Sur (Ecosur) have reported that two additional blue holes were located in Chetumal Bay. Both holes are near the deep Taam Ja´ blue hole.

One of the holes, 43.2 meters deep, has been named Lool Ja´ (Flower of Water), while the second discovered hole at 42.8 meters deep, has been named Ch’och Ja’, Mayan for Salt Water.

Scientists involved in the discoveries made the announcement Thursday during an institutional seminar in Chetumal.

Both holes are completely submerged with their entrances at the seabed level of the Bay of Chetumal.

The first blue hole, Taam Ja’, was approved for publication in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science. The latter two, Lool Ja’ and Ch’och Ja’, have recently been submitted to the journal Estuaries and Coasts.

view of Puerto Vallarta church and sea

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