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It’s my party – Tonight’s Girl Group

By Tribune Travel

December 01, 2021

In “It’s My Party” the 60s are revisited proving that the decade offered many songs, simple in lyrics but extremely fun party tunes, great for dancing. Tonight’s Girl Group is five stunning ladies Brenda Gaviño: “Best of Broadway” and “Linda Ronstadt Tribute”, Daniela Treviño: “Best of Broadway”, “Legends” and “Showgirl”, both experienced show ladies growing in experience and stature, Miana Melendez: “Mamma Mia and “Crooners”, Bigi Blearth (sister of Diana Villamonte) and Gabriela Glad: “Mamma Mia”. Mexido is brimming with entertainment talent, especially right here in the Banderas Bay area. Of note is the sharp ability of the managers at Act2PV in locating and securing the top artists.

Tonight is a new show paying tribute to America’s iconic female artists of the 1960’s. The beautiful singing/dancing troupe of women offer many of the most memorable tunes from the era, a keen selection of chart toppers. Before the arrival of The Beatles, Girl Groups were an enormously successful entity.

Suddenly, singing ladies sashayed into view presenting “Come See About Me” and moved into a medley of The Supremes hits starting with “Come See About Me”, then flowing into “Baby Love” and “Stop” In the Name of Love” with the signature arms lifted with hands stretched demonstrating

Stop! The girls were adorned in feather trimmed full length sheer capes each with her own pastel color. The image was a picture of exactly how this Motown trio appeared on stage and television shows. The locally made dresses and capes were designed with show fashion in mind, delightfully accenting the curves and movements of the dancers.

As the show progressed, the capes were removed showing a strapped evening gown. Soon, the skirt came off exposing a sexy elegant dress great for their dancing and swinging across the stage weaving among themselves. This was seen in their delivery of “Chapel of Love”, a terrific display. “Please Mister Postman” delighted the attendees as the beat drove the girls wild but always choreographed smoothly. One of the top 60s Girl Groups, The Ronettes brought their smash  “Be My Baby”. These three songs in a row portrayed the professionalism and intense rehearsals necessary for promoting a great show with fond musical memories. Many of these songs had been unknown by the Latinas.

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Show theme “It’s My Party” was a smash hit Leslie Gore which defined a portion of the 60s being joyful, packed with dancing and sentimental song lyrics. Judy took her man but she followed up singing “Judy’s Turn To Cry”…because Johnny’s come back to me. One could feel the pain of losing a boyfriend, a common story of the Girl Groups of the 60s. But then “My Boyfriend’s Back” sent the dancers into a happy yet vindictive mood. “If I were you I’d take a permanent vacation” she told the no-good boy who was trying to take her love.

Dipping way back to wartime drama, The Andrew Sisters were included singing “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy”. Released earlier than the 60s, yet apropos for the subject. The Shirelles came forward with a super example of girl groups with “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow”. “Dancing in the Street” brought waves of pleasurable rhythm into the room as Daniela and the girls described the enthusiasm all over the USA, city by city, shaking it up for everyone to see and be a part. A strong highlight tonight was their display of “Chain of Fools” from Aretha. The excitement continued with the driving “Tell Him”…”that you’re never gonna leave him”.

it's my party

After a brief break for costume changes, they bubbled in with “Reflections”, “You Can’t Hurry Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go” paying tribute to The Supremes again in a medley of partial songs. Throughout the evening, they took bits and slices of songs, then formed into medleys. By designing the song list as such, the audience heard many, many songs from the 60s but not the entire song. “Anyone here for the first time? Now you are Family”, uttered Brenda.

A short preview of one of the current shows in which a couple of these ladies are cast members, “Best of Broadway”, was spotlighted. Two tunes from “Dreamgirls” were showcased “Dreamgirls” and “One Night Only”. The show is experiencing its third season and the production is the best ever.

The duet of “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” with Brenda and Daniela and shoop-de-bops of the backups was possibly the ultimate memory of the show – sheer dynomite. The emotions and intensity were evident by all and appreciated.

“All you have to do is breathe”, said Brenda. “Relax a minute.” But the quintet shot back singing “Da Doo Ron Ron”, popular among the crowd of music lovers. No time to relax as “You Don’t Own Me” sent the lady’s demand for her freedom and respect. Miana and Gabriela shone with their duet “Proud Mary”. Their hand and arms motions added to the display hinting at the turning of the wheels and swaying of the boat. Sparking the night was “Heat Wave” sending smoldering fire throughout. The girls’ delivery was burning hot and extremely impressive. A decades-long classic followed with “My Guy”, truly one of the top songs of the 60s sung impressively by Miana.

The girls presented a medley of short clips of major R&B hits not from Girl Groups and men but were enormously enjoyable hearing these flashbacks. All five united to declare “We Are Family” now that we have gathered in the love of 60s music. This evening is one for the memory books.

More photos are available for viewing on my Facebook Shows group below.

it's my party

Act II Entertainment – Act2PV – Starlight Cabaret

Ninth Season 2021-2022    

Insurgentes 300 (corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes), second floor

Romantic Zone/SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.


Show info available at www.act2pv.com  

E-mail: act2entertainmentproductions@gmail.com
The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.


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