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Alberto Bojórquez to be honored in Cancun

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The National Fund for Tourism granted Grupo Bojórquez provisional permission to proceed with the construction and placement of a picto-sculptural mural in honor of Mr. Alberto Bojórquez Pérez in Laguna Bojórquez, with the purpose of recognizing the trajectory of a fundamental man in the early development of Cancun as a tourist center in Mexico.

The agency assures in an official letter that it has no problem granting its provisional consent to allow the access that it requested in front of a shopping center and next to “La Fiesta” plaza and that it authorized to carry out the corresponding studies and measurements in said space for the mural construction.

The office was delivered in response to a request made by Grupo Bojórquez for the allocation of an area for the picto-sculptural monument, as well as authorization to begin construction and placement as soon as possible, as the mural unveiling is scheduled for July 7 in memory of the Yucatecan businessman.

Fonatur also explains that the final authorization will be subject to the presentation of an executive project of the scope of the construction which must have attached the corresponding construction process and the legal studies, as well as the municipal permits, documentation which will be delivered soon.

In this regard, Armando Bojórquez, president of Grupo Bojórquez, assured that this is a significant historical achievement because it recognizes a businessman whose work was fundamental in the history of Cancun as a tourist center that has gained worldwide recognition over the years.

Local authorities, tourism officials at the local and federal levels, and Viajes Grupo Bojórquez are organizing a tribute to Mr. Alberto Bojórquez Pérez.

Organizers state that this tribute is totally deserved for one of the original investors in the first hotel built in Cancun in 1974 and made significant efforts to promote this area of Mexico as a tourist destination for the benefit of the state of Quintana Roo, the Yucatan peninsula, and visitors from all over the country.

Who was Alberto Bojórquez?

Alberto Bojórquez was a prominent tourist entrepreneur, founder of Viajes Bojórquez, the largest Mexican tour operator. A teacher by profession, Mr. Bojórquez started organizing land trips from Villahermosa, Tabasco, to cities like Merida, Veracruz, and Acapulco, then the most important destination in the country. He had so much success that he moved to Mexico City to open his headquarters.

His main destination was Merida, as he was a native of Yucatan. It was only natural then that when the plan to develop Cancun came up, he found himself among the promoters and organizers of the idea. With a Bojórquez Hotel already in operation in Merida, he opened the Club Caribe Cancun Hotel on the bare but beautiful beaches of the so far virgins coasts of Cancun, and later purchased the Zazil Ha Hotel at Isla Mujeres.

The Bojorquez Lagoon, part of the Nichupté Laggon System in Cancun, was named after him thanks to his contributions to the development of the destination. This picto-sculptural work is yet another way to pay homage to his unquantifiable contribution to Cancun.

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