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“Codex Pictoricus Mexicanus” permanent exhibition in Los Cabos

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The City Government of Los Cabos has accepted a donation from the Prague Museum of the creative masterpiece “Codex Pictoricus Mexicanus” of the last Jesuit priest in Santiago (1769), Ignacio Tirsch. The collection comprises 47 watercolors depicting life at Mission Santiago. Exequiel Escurra, a doctor, scientist, and ecologist, made the request to the National Library of the Czech Republic’s Manuscriptorium. The intent was to use this collection to commemorate the Foundation’s Tricentennial of the Santiago Mission by setting up an exhibition in Los Cabos.

The exchange was possible thanks to the Consulates of both countries, according to Delegate Elizabeth lvarez Rosas. Now, the General Directorate of the Institutional Archives System of Los Cabos, the Institute of Culture and the Arts (ICA), and the City Chronicler Gabriel Fonseca Verdugo are guarding Ignacio Tirsch’s digital work, while members of the Santiago Mission Foundation’s Committee for the Celebration of the Tricentennial are working on a project to exhibit this work in a permanent exhibition.


The City Chronicler of Los Cabos, Gabriel Fonseca, said that the importance of the work lies in the fact that Tirsch expressed the complete worldview of the Mission of Santiago, including the entire town: the temple, the Government House, the village and agriculture, as well as the flora and fauna. He also described that one of the Jesuit’s watercolors portrays the Mission of San José, where you can see the Estero, the hamlet and the church, among other cultural aspects.

In words of the City Chronicler

He also drew the indigenous Pericues, both men and women, as well as the earliest Los Cabos residents, ranchers, soldiers, and mayordomos who arrived and settled in this area. The art is one-of-a-kind, remarkable, and extremely valuable; it tells us about a historic period in Los Cabos.

Finally, Gabriel Fonseca noted that the work arrived in the third century of the Santiago Mission’s creation, becoming a historical, social, and cultural asset of the municipality of Los Cabos.

«It is a source of pride for me to be able to commemorate the tricentennial of the foundation of the Mission of Santiago, because they are the pillars of today’s society. “The social foundations of what is today the municipality of Los Cabos were laid on August 24, 1721, and for this reason, this historical commemoration is of the utmost importance,” concluded the municipal historian.

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