Baja is well known for many reasons: its beautiful beaches, the world-class hotels settled on them, the fancy restaurants. But there is a new side to it, one that has been growing steadily during the last few years: the side of art.

Enter the San José del Cabo Art Walk, a weekly event held every Thursday evening between the months of November and June. Organized by the Gallery District Association, the event lures art lovers, tourists and locals alike into a different experience from the usual ones.

The Art Walk is not just a typical case of “exhibition hours”. It is an opportunity to not only bump into artists showcasing their paintings, sculptors or photographs, but also to delight in the sound of live music by street performers, to sip a glass of wine and to enjoy dinner at any eatery of the district.

The success has been such that the local government has decided to close the main street in the area to car traffic in order to let everybody enjoy safely. The Art Walk is truly a must-do, a worthy evening of social relaxation.

You can visit the official web site here.