NFL 2021 season released, no game for Mexico City
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NFL 2021 season released, no game for Mexico City

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The NFL 2021 season schedule has been released with no slot for Mexico City. NFL Mexican fans are not happy about it. London will host its accustomed two games, though.

The reason for the decision is COVID-19, which is more under control in the United Kingdom as opposed to Mexico.

The NFL began playing one game a year in Mexico beginning with the 2016 season. The Oakland Raiders defeated the Houston Texans in the first matchup, while the New England Patriots beat the Raiders in Mexico City the following season.

The NFL moved the  2018 game between the Chiefs and Rams to Los Angeles due to poor field conditions at Estadio Azteca, and the Chiefs beat the Chargers in the last NFL game in Mexico in 2019. There were no international games last season due to COVID-19.

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