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Puerto Vallarta and Aguascalientes are Sister Cities

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The twinning with Puerto Vallarta and Aguascalientes was confirmed this Thursday in a ceremonial session of the latter city’s council. It will boost the cultural, economic, and tourism interchange between both communities.

Tere Jiménez, Aguascalientes mayor, expressed gratitude for the initiative. She reassured that Aguascalientes is an open-door municipality eager to engage and partner up for the sake of the people.

Puerto Vallarta‘s deputy mayor, Jorge Antonio Quintero Alvarado, was present in the ceremony.

The mayor of Vallarta stated that this twinning will strengthen the social, economic, cultural, and touristic growth of these municipalities.

Puerto Vallarta and Aguascalientes

It entails sharing the history, tradition, and natural beauty of this destination with a history of over 400 years, such as Aguascalientes.


Mr. Quintero noted that Puerto Vallarta has twinning agreements with other towns, including Highland Park, California, in the United States. Several exchanges have occurred over the course of more than 15 years. Educational, job training, social assistance, sports, cultural, gastronomic, musical, and artistic activities have been the most important. They have the same goal with Aguascalientes.

He said that the twinning between cities is part of the essence of the people of Vallarta.

“We are the friendliest city in the world. Puerto Vallarta happily welcomes millions of tourist. We are fortunate that the people of Aguascalientes choose Puerto Vallarta as one of their favorite places to rest and have fun. Puerto Vallarta is the beach of the hydrocalidos.

Aguascalientes also got a twinning agreement with the municipality of Cocula, Jalisco.

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