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Repair of Los Muertos pier is underway

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Mara Magdalena Avelar Mondragón, president of the Emiliano Zapata Neighbors Association, announced that the city government is already working on the first stage of repair of Los Muertos pier, the iconic landmark on the namesake beach. Its platform and piles have suffered severe damage and thus its maintenance was urgent.

The damages to this pier, inaugurated in 2013 and already one of Puerto Vallarta‘s main tourist attractions, are visible in the platform.  It shows fractures in many places and has rusty rods showing. People have stolen some pieces of the stairs, the entire structure is moldy, and there are loose electricity lines.


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It is also important to complete the missing railing bars and bench boards, as well as repair the lighting fixtures that have deteriorated due to the passage of time, the environment, and visitors.

We’ve been there for a month and a half. They started slowly, and we were concerned. We believed they wouldn’t finish, but by the end of the day, they had completed a big portion of the job, particularly the lights. They claim to finish by the end of September. That is what we are looking forward to.They are doing a great job.

We have been working there for a month and a half, they started very slowly. We thought they were not going to finish, but at the end of the day they have already finished a large part of the work, especially the lighting. They say they are going to finish by the end of September. That is what we are waiting for, the work is going well.”

What they have fixed on Los Muertos pier


The community leader and businesswoman stated that they have cleaned the platform. They have also replaced the stainless-steel bars and painted and fixed the lighting fixtures. The investment is around 2.5 million pesos. The work is managed by engineer Juan Arias, the City Hall’s head of Public Works. However, the submerged piles at 11 meters that are corroded must yet be addressed.

“I believe that’s the second step, the bottom section. It takes a particular kind of paint, that’s what we need. Right now they’re working on the surface,” Nena Avelar explained.

Experts have recommended replacing the cathodes and anodes. Those are the iron plates that regulate corrosion. Also, they have to get rid of shelling, which attaches to the steel and eats away at it. Finally, they must apply an epoxy compound.


With information from Tribuna de la Bahía.

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