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Come to Know the Rivers of Puerto Vallarta

By Paco Morás

November 02, 2021

Every vacation period Puerto Vallarta welcomes thousands of visitors more than willing to enjoy all the beauties and benefits the city has to offer. Of course, the first option is always the beaches, famous on their own right thanks to their natural beauty. But there is another popular element when it comes to taking a refreshing splash: the also beautiful rivers of Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta's heat makes its rivers more attractive. This is true especially during spring and summer breaks. Streams banks fill with families looking for some relief from the high temperatures. They find it below lush tree canopies and inside their cool currents. In fact, Vallarta municipality has two rivers by north and soth borders: Ameca in the north signaling the border with the state of Nayarit and Tomatlán, bordering the namesake municipality. Here are some of the most popular rivers in our town.

Ameca Rivers of Puerto Vallarta

The most abundant, still home to an important population of crocodiles now in danger by touristic complexes being built on both sides. Although its course has been modified by human hands, it still maintains its majesty and natural strength.   rivers of puerto vallarta  


Affluent of Ameca, they become one very close to Las Juntas. It is born deep up in the Sierra Madre Mountains, in the area of the namesake town.


Very popular among locals and visitors, especially in the Playa Grande area. Its volume diminishes considerably during the dry months. It is the fluvial food of El Salado Estuary.   You may also like: 5 Towns to Visit from Puerto Vallarta, Beach Edition  

Cuale Rivers of Puerto Vallarta

Definitively the most famous and beloved by people in Vallarta. It has been captured in countless paints by Vallartan artists. Legend used to have it that those who drank water from the Cuale would become a permanent dweller. Today, it is enough to cross it by one of the hanging bridges. A tour up the river is an unmissable activity for visitors.

Palo María

At the South of the city, it streams down the mountains in the rainy season. Between this one and downtown you will find the creeks Amapas, Las Estacas and El Carrizo. The three of them lose almost all their water during the dry months

Mismaloya, Los Horcones and Tomatlán

The water of these rivers is colder because they flow into the sea practically straight out of the mountains. This is also why they are the ones with more exuberant vegetation in their mouth. There are a lot of activities to carry out in their basins.   rivers of puerto vallarta   It doesn’t really matter if you choose salt or fresh water. Fun is total if you follow basic safety measures.  And remember to keep the areas you visit clean!  





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