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Road 200 to Puerto Vallarta to be closed

Maintenance works will be carried out by night

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The road 200  to Puerto Vallarta will be closed every night from 6:00 in the evening to 5:00 in the morning for maintenance works by the federal authorities.

The stretch closed will run between San Pancho and El Monteón. Works will block one of the lanes, according to the official communication (below in Spanish).


The works will happen from this week to September. If you are driving along this road, please consider an estimated extra time of two to five hours of travel.

The old route from Guadalajara to Puerto Vallarta, which goes by Mascota, is an option if you don’t want to wait. We recommend caution if you decide to take this one, as landslides are not uncommon during rainy season.

With information from Tribuna de la Bahía.

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