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Messi’s arrival in Paris boosts air tickets searches

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Following Lionel Messi’s arrival in Paris, Argentines’ interest in visiting the French capital more than doubled in a matter of hours. Even with foreign travel limitations, this tendency was reflected in the search engines of the major OTAs.

“According to what we saw on our platform, interest in the destination has more than doubled in the last few days compared to prior weeks,” Despegar’s Paula Cristi told Infobae.

Even in the face of constraints, fewer weekly flights, and ever-changing policies. France maintains a strict border restriction with the countries on its “red list,” which includes Argentina. According to the French government’s official website, no Argentine person may enter French territory for tourism purposes unless he or she has received two doses of either of the following vaccines: Pfizer (Comirnaty), Moderna, AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria and Covishield), and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen). Argentineans who are not completely vaccinated but are European citizens may visit the country if they follow the country’s sanitary requirements.

Messi's arrival in Paris
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According to the digital newspaper, an Air France ticket to Paris on September 11, one day before Messi’s potential debut at the Parc des Princes, is now priced at $766 USD for a one-way flight from Buenos Aires to Paris, and the return trip with a stopover.

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